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11th October 2018

Global Digital Skils Certification Authority - The Certificate in Online Business, which has accredited leaders and teams, at well-known goverment organisations, blue-chip brands, global corporations, small busineses and startups, through it's COB Certified Manager Series of programs, has launched an advanced series of qualifications alongside a rebranding initiative. Senior Leaders such as the Director of Online at Three, Executive Leadership Team at South African Post, Marketing Director at Schneider Electric and E-Commerce Leader at Proctor & Gamble (now Director of Omni-Channel at Mattel), have already been certified in management, through the existing management qualifications over the years. Deborah Collier, President and founder of the certifications, wanted to deliver an advanced level to enhance the existing qualifications, with additional advanced learning and examination, to test leaders, help them push the boundaries and innovate. These advanced consultative programs, will inititally be delivered through our strategic partner -The Institute for Business Advancement. The first events will be hosted by Deborah, with speakers and leaders with a history at well-known brands and organisations delivering their insight and training, within the COB training format and standards.

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InfoWars Debate Channel 4 News

Deborah Collier President & Founder at The Certificate in Online Business joins Channel 4 InfoWars Debate

8th August 2018

Deborah Collier President and Chief Information Marketing Officer at The Certificate in Online Business, has joined Krishnan Guru-Murphy's debate on Channel 4 News, regarding the banning of InfoWars on social media platforms. Deborah is keen for industry, tech giants and the media to find the right balance between 'Freedom of Speech', content responsibility and monitoring. In her E-Business Predictions 2017, Deborah advised "Just as accessibility is a critical ingredient of online content strategy, the monitoring and responsible action on unacceptable user-generated content is absolutely critical to the reputation of any organization. For organizations who have not implemented a policy for the appropriate handling of user-generated content, whether this be in relation to child protection or other sensitive areas such as terrorism, this should be a priority".

Watch the Channel 4 Debate   Read Deborah's Advice in her E-Business Predictions  


10-Year Anniversary

10th January 2018 - 10th Year Annivesary E-Business Predictions Deborah Collier

Deborah Collier President and Founder at The Certificate in Online Business, has just published her 10th Year's annual predictions. Deborah who has not only advised boards, helped and trained organisations around the globe with digital business, has religiously written her predictions and advice for digital business during the year, since 2009. The predictions which have so far in majority, come to fruition also include valuable strategic advice for both entrepreneurs and organisations around the globe. Deborah's following has included a 200,000 newsletter subscriber list, and a current 20K+ followers on Twitter. Deborah's 2018 predictions include subjects such as e-risk and e-business law, e-commerce strategy and Brexit, international commerce, artificial intelligence for marketing and digital business in India.

Read E-Business Predictions 2018   E-Business Predictions 2008 - 2017


COB Certified Self-Study Course Box Sets with Gift Card Option

13th December 2017 - Launch NEW COB Certified Product Store with Gift Cards

The Certificate in Online Business has launched a new online learning products shop at In contrast to the global site, the UK store which ships globally, sells physical products in British Pounds, and offers gift cards. offer's customers the opportunity to give the gift of learning this Christmas. It also enables organisational learning and development buyers, to purchase self-study course box sets in bulk, or e-learning vouchers in volume.

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Learning and Development

15th August 2017 - Update: Launch of COB Accredited Learning & Development Department Program

Last month, The Certificate in Online Business announced the launch of a program to enable large organisational Learning & Development Departments with their own training centres, to deliver the COB Certified E-Commerce Manager, E-Business Manager and Digital Marketing Manager Programs to their employees. We are delighted to announce that the new initiative for 'COB Accredited Learning and Development Department' has now been revised to enable organisations to partner with us, through pay-per-delegate licensing package. L&D Departments can either have their own digital experts trained and accredited or employ existing 'Accredited COB Certified Trainers'. Organisations can also supplement their training with e-learning options. The idea is aimed to support organisational learning and development budgets, so that staff can access the valuable high-impacting learning provided in the programs.   The Certificate in Online Business remains dedicated to maintaining the standard and quality of current, as well as future programs which is it translating into multiple languages, and enabling trainers, 'Licensed Training Providers' and organisations.

COB Accredited Learning & Development Department Information (PDF 1510KB)

Accredited Trainer Program Information (PDF 799KB)


COB Certified Trainer Academy

29th June 2017 - Launch of COB Certified Trainer Academy

The Certificate in Online Business has now made official it's 'Accredited COB Certified Trainer Program' through it's new academy. The Academy is attracting some of the worlds leading experts in e-commerce, digital business and e-commerce to deliver the certification authority's standard of e-commerce business, digital business and marketing. The COB Certified standard has been followed by leaders and their teams from blue-chip organisations around the globe. Accredited Trainers can be employed full-time or work freelance for 'Licensed Training Providers'. The Certificate in Online Business remains dedicated to maintaining the standard and quality of current, as well as future programs which is it translating into multiple languages, and enabling trainers and 'Licensed Training Providers'.

Accredited Trainer Program Information (PDF 799KB) Accredited Trainer Job Opportunities



19th June 2017 - Three Sponsors Staff for COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

In 2015 the 'Three' (Hutchison 3G) Online Commercial Performance team were trained by our founder Deborah Collier. We are delighted that Three have since included our COB Certified E-Commmerce Manager program in their staff approved training and certifications guide. 'Three' encourages and fully sponsors students wishing to take this course.

Three Training Case Study Three Training and Certifications Guide

9th June 2017 - Reed Partners with The Certificate in Online Business

We are delighted to announce that Reed have partnered with our organisation to resell selected COB Certified courses. Job searchers can find our courses recommended alongside e-commerce and other relevant positions advertised on their UK online recruitment web site at We are looking forward to welcoming more partners around the globe.

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The Certificate in Online Business Jobs Board

1st June 2017 - New Careers Jobs Board

We are pleased to announce our new industry jobs board, which provides and enhanced experience for both job searchers and recruiters. Job postings are FREE and we hope this will help match qualified and experienced staff with exciting and relevant jobs. The Certificate in Online Business careers team, also posts a variety of positions within our own section on the jobs board. We are currently recruiting for a number of leadership roles for each of our regions.

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Michel Koch Executive Vice President The Certificate in Online Business

26th April 2017 - E-Commerce Pioneer Michel Koch Joins as VP Europe & Latin America

Time Inc’s ex.Chief Marketing Officer and E-Commerce Director Michel Koch, has joined The Certificate in Online Business. Michel's wealth of experience includes E-Commerce Director at Maplin, Marks & Spencer and Senior Executive positions at Bertelsmann, Manutan, Quelle, Conrad and Camaïeu.

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NEW 2017 Partnerships Presentation

23rd March 2017 - Certificate in Online Business Expands Partnership Opportunities

The Certificate in Online Business has just published it's 2017 Partnerships Opportunities Presentation.

In addition to Universities, Professional Institutes, Chambers of Commerce and suitable government organisations, the COB Certified classroom courses are now available for license, in any language, by very large established training companies, professional service organisations, advertising agencies and consulting firms.

In addition, suitable organisations can resell our e-learning courses. Banks can also purchase bulk e-learning licenses and offer them to new or existing business customers as a free or subsidised business bank account signup incentive. In the UK this supports the goverment's Digital Strategy to Make Britain Best Place for Digital Business, and could well be followed in other countries.

Download our presentation to read more about all our partnership opportunities

Download NEW Partnerships Presentation (PDF 1MB)


NEW E-Learning Only Courses from The Certificate in Online Business

1st June 2016 - Announcing Launch of Our New Web Site

The Certificate in Online Business which recently acquired the established industry-recognised Certificate in Online Business certification programs, is delighted to announce the launch of it's new web site

The new mobile responsive web site includes an ever expanding list of Authorised Testing Centres, and NEW E-Learning Only versions of the COB Certified E-Commerce and E-Business Manager courses

In addition, visitors can enjoy the latest industy news and insights, with job postings launching soon.

NEW E-Learning Only Courses


British Council

University of Toronto

University of California Irvine

24th February 2016 - Universities and Professional Organisations Join Authorised Testing Centres

We are delighted to announce that students can now take their Certificate in Online Business™ Exams, at selected Universities in USA, UK and Canada, Cambridge Institut and Examinations International in Germany, as well as the British Council in Milan and Dubai. Universites in North American include, University of Toronto, University of California Irvine, California State University Northridge.

We are currently working on booking processes with the the organisations, to not ensure easy booking for our customers, as well ensure exam fees are both reasonable and affordable.

Authorised Testing Centres