COB Certified Marketing Executive


COB Certified Marketing Executive

The Certificate in Online Business (COB)            

A Digital Skills Authority Qualification course

COB Certified Marketing Executive $2,495 (incl. tax)

Get instant access to the online version of this powerful international marketing certification program from the Digital Skills Authority. Adapted from established classroom training attended by organisations such as Oman Ministry of Eduction, Warner Music, Skype, Schneider Electric, Mars John Lewis, House of Fraser, Three, L'Oréal and more, this high-quality 4-week interactive content strategy program delivers expert insights and powerful hands-on workshops on the following subjects

  • 12-weeks access to high-impacting interactive online lessons and workshops, live and recorded webinars (compatible with Tablets, Windows & Mac PCs)
  • 6 downloadable official workbooks
  • Your Digital Skills Authority exam administration fee*
  • Fee excludes exam invigilation (sitting) fee which is payable to your chosen authorised testing centre, or the Digital Skills Authority should you wish to take our NEW Secure Live Remote Exam via Webcam.


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Get high-impacting practical learning in digital marketing by expert practitioners for practioners.

Give your marketing career a boost! Learn powerful traditional and digital marketing practices and techniques and gain and industty professional certfication.

Is this course for me?

This course is suitable for:-

  • Marketing team members
  • Hands-on marketing consultants and agencies

How will I benefit?

There are a number of practical benefits to following the e-learning edition of our content strategy and audience engagment program. Here are some of them:-

  • Learn how fundamental promotional marketing concepts
  • Learn practical digital marketing techniques in email marketing, social media, digital advertising and more
  • Learn how to write search engine optimised content
  • Learn how to engage your customers to buy, subsribe and interact
  • Gain valuable tips to captivate your audience and optimise user experience
  • Get helpful exam practice exercises and tips and online exam
  • Complete fun high-impacting practical exercises
  • Study to become a COB Certified Marketing Executive

The COB Certified series of certifications are industry-developed, globally recognised qualifications from the Digital Skills Authority.

COB stands for Certificate in Online Business™ and there are fifteen 'Certificates in Online Business'.

Established since 2008, leading brands from all around the world send delegates on the COB Certified courses.

About the Exam

Digital Skills Authority has three types of exams. The exam for the COB Certified Marketing Executive- E-Learning Edition, is administered though our online systems

The exam is a practical 1-30hr case study exam and the pass mark is 70%. Your online course subscription includes your exam fee, our assessment and administratiojn. Results will be issued to you via email. If you pass your exam, we will issue you with your unique certification. This will either be our standard certificate, or our forthcoming secure digital version with social media sharing integration and sharing. (All certifications will migrate to fully digital certifications very soon).

Your Learning

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • The art of effective messaging
Understand your audience

Engage your customers to buy, subscribe and interact!

  • Learn how to engage your customers to buy, subscribe and interact
  • Gain a clear understanding of your target audiences

  • Learn how to create engaging customer journeys for your customers
  • Understand their psychology and how to engage them on your web site
  • Learn how to target your audiences and become closer to them

Web Content that Sells

  • Learn the '7 Deadly Web Content Sins' to avoid
  • Get our 12 Keys to Content Success
  • Learn how to write and present text effectively on the Internet
  • Learn how to use your web site to build trust
  • Find out what media to use to present your ideas
  • Gain valuable key selling phrases for your web site

The Power of User-Generated Content

  • Find out if user-generated content will enhance your web site offering
  • Understand the associated risks
  • Come away with the right options for your projects or organisations

The Power of User-Generated Content

  • Find out if user-generated content will enhance your web site offering
  • Understand the associated risks
  • Come away with the right options for your projects or organisations
Effective Email Marketing

  • The benefits and disadvantages of email marketing
  • Email marketing strategy
  • How to implement an effective email marketing campaign
  • Technical requirements for email marketing messages
  • Understanding email marketing metrics
  • Integrating email marketing with social media
  • Email marketing versus SMS
  • Email marketing and the law
  • How to increase open and click-through rates
  • Newsletter subscription and autoresponders
  • Choosing an effective email marketing tool
  • Email Marketing Workshop
Pay-Per-Click and Banner Advertising
  • Google Adwords Campaign Strategy
  • The Latest Features from Google Adwords
  • Target specific geographical locations
  • Scheduling Ads
  • Leveraging Google Adwords as a Business Intelligence Tool
  • Mobile Campaigns and Features
  • Techniques and Tips for Writing Great Ads
  • Bid and Keyword Optimisation
  • Adwords and Landing Pages
  • Display (Banner Ad Campaigns) implementation
  • Choosing sites based on audience demographic
  • Creating campaigns on
  • Creating campaigns on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
Social Media Marketing
  • Hands-on training
  • Set-up and get started with social media networks
  • Understand how to engage with your audience
  • Complete your Social edia Game Plan
Content Strategy and Customer Experience     Search Engine Optimisations for Web Content Writers, Publishers and Merchandisers     Introduction to Digital Marketing and Advertising    Email Marketing Workbook
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  • Subscripton fee is per person, and entitles the subscriber to one sitting of their exam
  • Copying, distribution and sharing of the downloadable books or online materials are strictly prohibited. Doing so would be infringing the legal copyright of Digital Skills Authority Ltd, all rights reserved
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