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The Certicate in Online Business' COB Certified, is a series of powerful professional, management and leadership training programs and qualifications in online business, followed by leading organisations, as well as startups and SMEs around the globe. The COB Certified E-Business, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Manager programs, and the COB Certified E-Commerce, E-Business & Marketing Leader Programs were developed by leading industry experts with years of both hands-on and consulting experience. As the Global Digital Skills Authority, we are the COB Certiifed Examining and Awarding Body.


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What do we do?

Our team of experts and educational leaders support indivduals with their work and career, and enable organisations by providing valuable know-how and tools to implement e-business and digital marketing effectively.   Our consultative programs and e-learning versions, have enabled leaders and teams to prepare, and co-ordinate changes in real-time during the course and after.  Our team our dedicated to:

  • Providing excellence in the development of high-impacting COB Certified programs and exams
  • Developing, selling and administering COB Certified e-learning courses
  • The marketing and issue of COB Certified qualifications
  • Maintaining the integrity of our training programs
  • Leading an Academy for COB Certified Trainer Accreditation
  • Partnering with COB Certified Authorised Testing Centre (ATC) who invigilate our exams
  • Training, supporting and providing high-quality materials to COB Certified Licensed Training Provider (LTP) partners
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