Digital Advertising Strategy, Email Marketing & Emerging Technologies


Right on Target

Develop a Powerful Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategy!

This powerful digital advertising training day will help you maximise your return on investment.

Learn how to plan and implement an optimised digital advertising strategy for your organisation. Master the art of email marketing, and discover how new and cutting-edge technologies can benefit your brands

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What will you learn?

Digital Advertising Strategy

  • The art of effective messaging
  • Media selection - Multi-Channel
  • Planning your advertising and promotional campaigns
Emerging Technologies for Marketing
  • A look at emerging technologies and opportunities in digital marketing
  • Understand and decide if and how these fit into your digital marketing strategy


Effective Email Marketing

  • The benefits and disadvantages of email marketing
  • Email marketing strategy
  • How to implement an effective email marketing campaign
  • Technical requirements for email marketing messages
  • Understanding email marketing metrics
  • Integrating email marketing with social media
  • Email marketing versus SMS
  • Email marketing and the law
  • How to increase open and click-through rates
  • Newsletter subscription and autoresponders
  • Choosing an effective email marketing tool
  • Email Marketing Workshop