COB Certified in Digital Ethics

COB Certified in Digital Ethics

Get a FREE Digital Ethics Certification          

What are digital ethics? Why are they important to you? How do they apply to business, the workplace or your personal life?

Our COB Certified programs have taught digital ethics, online reputation management, managing online risks, responsible handling of user-generated content, preventing online harms and more, since 2008. The Digital Skills Authority is committed to sharing this valuable knowledge and best-practice with the digital community.  Are you concerned about online behaviour, e-business or preventing online risk and harms? Do you share our passion for a better safer world online?  Our new FREE short online course will be launching very soon and will include an exam through our e-learning platform. When you succeed, you'll receive your qualification: 'COB Certified in Digital Ethics'.

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This FREE Online Program is suitable for:
  • Members of the public
  • Forum and blog managers
  • Business owners and directors
  • PR, marketing and brand teams
  • Content creators and publishers
  • Online traders and e-commerce teams
  • News and media professionals
  • Technology professionals and plaform providers
  • Advertisers
  • ...and more
Please watch out for updates about this course on our web site or by following us on social media, or if you would like us to notify you when the course is live, please contact us.     
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