COB Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to enable business owners, organisations and their teams to implement e-business effectively and efficiently, through sharing and installing high-impacting knowledge based on real-world hands-on experience, and follow up with a credible assessment of their knowledge.

The focus of these courses is to:-

  • Increase multi-channel sales using the Internet
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance reputation
  • Maximise ROI (Return-on-Investment)
  • Enable small business owners, enterpreneurs and startups to plan carefully for online business
  • Equip organisations of all sizes with the know-how for optimal digital transformation
In addition, the programs are designed to enable effective teams:-
  • Install collaborative working and greater communication among teams
  • Encourage and enable teams by delivering a broader vision of their business, and other organisations
  • Bridge the gap between IT and business
  • Engage and maximise supplier relationships