Deborah Collier

Deborah M. Collier - President &
Chief Information & Marketing Officer

Certificate in Online Business (COB) - A Brief History

COB Certified is an industry recognised series of certifications provided by British education company Digital Skills Authority Ltd

The COB Certified E-Business Manager program was developed by our founder and president Deborah Collier in 2008, as a response to a lack of connected business and digital knowledge, and application of best-practice around the globe. Deborah whose experience includes providing consultancy at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, developing strategic plans for organisations both large and small, and advising blue-chip organisations, developed and expanded the program from her 1-day E-Business Strategy & Marketing course, which had proven valuable to teams at leading businesses such as Kenwood, John Lewis and the 5* Landmark London.

Deborah who is a leading e-business expert specialising in strategy, e-commerce and digital marketing, with over 20-years experience, moved on to develop the COB Certified E-Commerce Manager program - a leading e-commerce business course. This course delivers a greater focus on maximising online sales.

The third and most recent program in the series - The COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program was developed in 2013 by Deborah and a team of industry-recognised digital marketing experts

From Classroom to Self-Study to E-Learning - Giving the Customer Choice

In 2012, Deborah authored COB Certified E-Business and E-Commerce Manager Self-study Courses, designed to enable a wider audience access to the valuable and essential training. In 2015 after a successful 1st Edition trial, Deborah launched an enhanced and more commercial package for customers in the 2nd Edition.

In April 2016, the certification and programs were launched under dedicated company Digital Skills Authority Ltd.

In conjunction with the this strategic move, we launched a purely online version of the COB Certified E-Commerce & E-Business Manager programs, to reach a wider audience worldwide. The e-learning only version compliments the existing self-study box sets and premium classroom options, which deliver additional benefits.

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