RSS The King of Kings

Content-led marketing is essential to the success of any brand. High-quality, engaging and relevant information in an appealing format, is key to any sales, promotional or branding exercise. You’ve probably heard the somewhat overly used phrase “Content is King”. Well if content is king, then RSS is most certainly the king of kings. So what is RSS and why is it such a powerful ingredient in any content strategy?

RSS which is the ability to feed your content anywhere over the Internet, is a highly impacting tool which allows your visitors to subscribe and automatically receive your updates via a news reader, either on a web site or live on their desktop.

It also allows organisations to create dynamically updating portable applications, called Widgets, which other web publishers can post to their blogs or web sites.

What does this mean for businesses? Well quite simply more exposure, more visitors and more sales. Each time a visitor clicks on a link within your widget, it will take them to a page or product on your web site. Alternatively, to a video or presentation on one of your social media channels elsewhere on the Internet. This means more web visitors, increased brand awareness, increased search engine ranking and ultimately more sales.

If your widget contains interesting and meaningful content, the audience of those publishing your widget will want to download and share it elsewhere on their web sites and blogs, and so your widget and content goes viral.


Deborah M. Collier - President - Digital Skills Authority Date:

17th March 2011

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