8th April 2020 - AI, Automation &  Social Hiring Trends 2020-2025

Social Recruitment - Recruitment Trends 2020 - 2025

According a 'Research & Markets' report just published, organizations are rapidly adopting automated resume screening methods that use artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the level of skills and experience of the candidate.

Industy recruitment software combined with digital online, also utilizes optical trackers and machine learning (ML) systems to identify market trends and patterns through transactional activities and analytical inputs. Furthermore, organizations are increasingly emphasizing on enhancing the candidate experience, along with improving their organizational efficiency, which is contributing to the widespread adoption of these systems across the globe.

Other factors, including the emergence of social recruiting trends, a growing need to replace traditional hiring methods to minimize paperwork, wastage of resources and costs, coupled with the increasing number of start-up companies, especially in the developing economies, are projected to drive the market further.

The competitive landscape of the industry has also been examined with some of the key players being Accenture Plc, ADP LLC, Ceridian HCM Inc., Cognizant Technology Solutions, Halogen Software Inc., iCIMS, Kenexa Corporation (IBM), Lumesse, Oracle, PeopleAdmin, SAP, SumTotal Systems Inc., Zoho Corporation, etc.

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