Global Business with the Internet

The evolution of the Internet and lowering costs of collaborative e-commerce and online meeting technologies, have given every business an easier access to a global markets. Never before has it been so easy to enhance the value of a brand, expand sources of revenue and increase return investment made in technology, resources and know-how.

The Certificate in Online Business team looks at how small businesses can go global without breaking their bank balance.

E-Commerce, which is the element of e-business focused on the sale of goods and services over the Internet, has for many years allowed businesses to sell products and services to any country where legislation and tax rulings allow. The biggest challenge aside from delivery costs, language, tax and cross-border trade regulations has been global marketing. Until more recently the cost of international marketing has not been affordable to the average small business or start-up.

We are living in a wonderful digital age, where technology is growing at a monumental rate. Virtually anything and everything is possible. Technologies, which were available ten years ago only to those with money to invest, are now at the fingertips of virtually any organisation with even the smallest of marketing budgets.

Our world is getting smaller and smaller day-by-day, with every new technology evolving in the digital explosion we are all part of. What about you and your business? How can online business enable you to reach untapped markets?

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