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How to Build Consumer Trust Online

Businesses have been inspired by annual rises in Internet sales over the last five years. But more recently, increases in online purchases, and the turbulent economic climate have propelled more organisations to sell their products and services online. One of the biggest challenges they face with selling over the Internet is building consumer trust.

Deborah Collier the founder of The Certificate in Online Business offers advice on how organisations can meet this challenge.

Building Consumer Trust online involves assuring customers of your identity and credibility, as well as protecting the security of their information. When it comes to smaller businesses, and lesser-known brands, consumers are concerned that they are dealing with a bonafide business, which will not only deliver on its promises, but also protect their personal details.   Download Download Full Article (PDF 739KB)

Launch Interactive Consumer Trust Model

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Deborah M. Collier - President - Digital Skills Authority

1st April 2009 - Revised 17th May 2011

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