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COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Program

Are you maximising your online sales? Attend the Ultimate Online Selling Course!

This valuable sales and customer-focused e-commerce training and certification program (Certificate in Online Business™), will help you plan and implement a powerful online store and sell your products and services effectively. Study to become a COB Certified E-Commerce Manager with this valuable e-commerce business course.

The high-quality consultative 5-day e-commerce management program delivers expert insights and powerful hands-on workshops. You will experience a real-world approach to learning, and apply it to your projects - both in real-time and after the course. The small sized classes enable focus on you and your projects. As a premium course delegate you will receive valuable and immediate feedback about your classwork and how it applies to your organisation and e-commerce.

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This high value consultative course is currently available exclusively as group on-site course, and can be delivered alongside tailor-made training, or a multiple track COB Certified program. Watch out for news about public and multi-lingual courses from our Licensed Training Provider training partners.

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E-Learning and Self-Study Options

Procter & Gamble

"I found the trainer to be very knowledgeable on the subject matter and great at delivering the concepts through an interactive and enjoyable classroom course combining theory, case studies and practical exercises. The week-long training was an enjoyable and very informative experience which I would highly recommend to anyone who works in the field of eCommerce". Elisa Pogliano, E-Commerce Leader Procter & Gamble UK & Ireland

House of Fraser

"I've been able to begin restructuring things on this end. I found the course so beneficial...Everything I learned the E-Commerce Management Course was current and appropriate to my day-to-day work. The course challenged me to think outside my normal thought process and apply what I had learned to other businesses outside of my expertise.,", Melanie Newell - Assistant Manager - EBay Outlet Store, House of Fraser

Schneider Electric

"The COB Certified E-Commerce Manager program delivers a full overview of all aspects that must be considered for e-commerce. It is based on case studies, web demos and workbooks to get the fundamentals. Deborah Collier and her team are in addition highly customer care oriented making their in-class training really pleasant.", Charly Lupart, End User Industry Marketing Director, Schneider Electric

Gilda's Tryst

"The course was practical and relevant, and I have already started putting lessons learned into action in my business. The course was not only helpful but really interesting and fun. I would urge any business owners who are formulating an e-commerce strategy to attend.", Amanda Waterstone, Business Owner, Gilda's Tryst

Hutchison 3G - Three

"I would recommend the course for someone who is looking for a complete high-level view of E-Commerce, the course content is extensive within the 5 days so it will equip you well for the future, whether it be your own business or in your workplace..." Chris Chapman - Online Commercial Performance Manager, Hutchison 3G -

"Overall I found the COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Program to be very useful to me and the two other members of my team who attended with me..." Jacqueline Harper - Head of Online Commercial Performance and Planning

Saudi Post

"Extensive learning by expert instructor with friendly colleagues. I learned a lot and enjoyed my time." Waheed BuSaeed, E-Business Dept Director/ Applications & eServices Manager, Saudi Post

"The trainer pays close attention to what you say during training sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests. The trainer makes sure that training reflects value to your website.", Fahad AlBridi, e-Mall IT Director, Saudi Post

Hartmann Group

"The COB Certified eCommerce Manager course was a great experience! It was presented in a pragmatic way, and the trainer was very supportive all throughout the training. The atmosphere in the class was very relaxed and the pace was just right. The course is designed to match every participant's E-commerce Digital Plan. I highly recommend the class to anyone who will create an E-commerce plan and align it with the overall company digital strategy", Carl Villaluz, Marketing Manager, Paul Hartmaan (Hartmaan Group)

Dune Group

"The Certified E-Commerce Manager course covered all the different aspects of ecommerce. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the ecommerce field", Mhairi McKenzie, E-Commerce Co-ordinator, The Dune Group