Are you devaluing your brand?

There are two key elements to successful online marketing:

1) Driving visitors to your web site

2) Engaging your visitors, so that they act on the information you provide, and keep coming back.

To help you focus on engaging customers, I have put together a list of 'The 7 Keys Deadly Sins of Web Site Content' - The things that we as e-business and marketing managers, should avoid at all costs:

  • 1: Cluttered and excessive content - Overwhelming visitors
  • 2: Asking too much information on survey and registration forms
  • 3: Lack of information such as legal disclaimer, contact names, numbers and physical addresses.
  • 4: Poor quality content - Badly written, spelling, presentation
  • 5: Content not search engine friendly
  • 6: Badly designed and not accessible
  • 7: Lack of fresh content

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Deborah M. Collier - President - Digital Skills Authority


23rd July 2008


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