There are a number of poignant words associated with the UK’s decision to leave the EU. One that strikes a chord among many businesses is ‘confusion’. How are our businesses and sales going to be affected in both the short and long-term? How should we respond to the new challenge of uncertainty about our relationship with the EU moving forward?

Deborah Collier, President at The Certificate in Online Business, discusses how Brexit will affect E-Commerce businesses and how they should realign their strategy.

E-Business strategy defines both the short and long-term objectives for online business and provides a high-level roadmap of how to reach those objectives. Strategic plans are evolutionary and must respond to both economic and technological change. E-Commerce (the sales of goods and services) is a major element of e-business that takes advantage of an online presence to sell to domestic and international markets. The full effects of the UK’s departure from the EU is unconfirmed until leaders have established the terms of the UK’s new relationship with the EU. Deborah Collier answers some of the major questions business and e-commerce leaders want answered in this helpful article.

  1. Who are we going to sell now?

  2. What are we going to sell to those audiences?

  3. What are we going to charge our customers?

  4. What currency should we be using?

  5. Where are we going to get our multi-lingual and multi-cultural talent needed to both
    implement and market e-commerce as well as support our customers?

  6. How will taxation, import and export duty be affected?

  7. What will be the impact of import duty on our customer’s willingness and ability to buy from us?

Download Full Article (PDF 873KB)   Brexit E-Commerce Strategy: E-Business Predictions 2018


Deborah M. Collier - President - Digital Skills Authority


29th June 2016

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