E-Business in 2015

The last few years have been a turbulent time for businesses facing a volatile economy. More recently, changes in government in many countries have impacted businesses through changes in legislation and areas such as taxation. However in the face of adversity, entrepreneurialism amongst individuals seeking opportunities from the Internet has continued to thrive.

Our President Deborah Collier, investigates and delivers her predictions for digital business in 2015

A Year of Success

For my predictions this year, I was hoping to discover disruptive technologies that would shape the future of e-business.  However, as 2014 was less than innovative, my focus is on topics and events that will impact the success of e-business this year.  Let’s take a look at my E-Business predictions for 2015 and consider how they might affect you.

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1) Banks Enable Innovation in the UK

2) Pureplay Internet Businesses in MINT condition

3) Teenagers Lay Future Foundations

4) Privacy Takes Centre Stage

5) Customer Service Reinvention

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Deborah M. Collier - President - Digital Skills Authority Date:

2nd January 2015


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