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Is your web site killing your business?

You’ve invested in a beautifully designed, technically functioning web site, but why aren’t you generating the sales you need? You are not alone in this common dilemma facing business leaders, who make the fatal mistake of relying on their web designer as an online selling and marketing expert.

Deborah Collier - President at The Certificate in Online Business, offers business owners and business development teams, valuable tips on how to increase online sales.

A successful web site is about more than making a quick sale. Quick and immediate sales rarely happen. Of course it depends on the product or service and the price. The truth about online selling is that the majority of your web visitors spend time getting to know your company and brand. They will explore other company web sites, social media networks, testimonials and price comparison engines, and often take time to consider making a purchase. Your web site should be an online selling channel or marketing medium that builds a relationship with your customers, echoes your brand and enhances your reputation.

If you believe that a well-designed web site alone will make you money, then you will be sadly disillusioned. While good design quality is an essential ingredient of a high performance web site, there are a number of more important factors to consider.

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Deborah M. Collier - President - Digital Skills Authority


26th April 2012


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