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Why is Social Media Marketing Like Dating?

Social media networks are a powerful channel for building your brand, making new contacts, supporting search engine optimization, learning about your customers, prospects and competition, which ultimately drive sales. To be successful at any form of marketing, it’s all about the right messaging, to the right audiences, in the right places at the right time and frequency, in an engaging way.

Social media marketing and dating share one common interest, and that is to make a connection that will ideally grow into something enduring – In dating ideally a long-term or permanent partner, in marketing a long-term client. In dating, singles will consider what they want to tell a prospective mate about themselves, and what attributes they want a mate to recognize. In business, marketers will consider effective messaging about their products, services, organization or campaign. Singles will go to the right places to find a mate, ideally with common interests and goals, whether this be a special interest club, dancing or a dating web site. Marketers will look at the right social media networks to connect with their target audience. In traditional dating, the frequency of both communication and dating frequency are usually led by the man in the early phase. In business, marketers will plan and send a message via different networks at the both the right times and frequencies to gain interest from their audience.

Ultimately effective social media marketing and dating is about engagement – If marketing, engaging your customer to buy, subscribe or interact; if dating engaging your romantic interest to spend time together, which may lead to something more committed at a later stage. Engagement is about ensuring the way you communicate and share ideas, are of interest or value to the person or audiences you are interested in, whether that be entertainment, sharing, informing or listening.

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Deborah M. Collier - President - Digital Skills Authority  Date: 22nd February 2017

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