Recession Recovery

The economic crisis has had a huge impact on businesses and start-ups, which struggle with limited resources and budgets. Fortunately today’s entrepreneurs have a new and powerful tool at their fingertips. The growth of the Internet, as both a business and social channel, has opened up opportunities, which were unavailable to businesses in previous recessions.

Deborah Collier, President at The Certificate in Online Business shares some valuable online tactics that small businesses can adopt to beat the economic crisis.

In poor economic climates, when budgets are tight and new business is scarce, companies must focus resources on customer retention, innovation and low-cost effective marketing strategies. Digital channels such as the web and mobile, are valuable and essential elements to a business strategy. New technologies such as social media applications and the exponential growth of downloadable mobile phone applications, have delivered promising mechanisms to interact and engage with our customers, through discussion, education and entertainment. Individuals and businesses can purchase small mobile phone applications for a few pounds or less, talk about them online and buy full computer versions from an e-commerce store on a vendor’s web site.

E-Business tips for a surviving the recession - Download Full Article(PDF 178KB)

First published in 'Start Your Business Magazine' Dec 2009 Edition


Deborah M. Collier - President - Digital Skills Authority


December 2009


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